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Meet Your Pilot!

meet robert-brooks

Robert "Bob" Brooks starting a
flight lesson in Austin , Tx  c.1968

Meet Robert Brooks, a seasoned aviator with a passion for pushing the boundaries of aerial technology. With a rich background as a US Navy aviator, commercial instructor, and licensed pilot, Robert brings decades of experience to the skies.

Since 1971, Robert has called San Angelo, Texas home, embracing the vast landscapes and dynamic terrain of the region. His deep connection to the community fuels his commitment to providing unparalleled aerial services.

Equipped with a fleet of cutting-edge drones, including the versatile Mavic Enterprise with thermal and multispectral imaging capabilities, Robert delivers high-resolution aerial imagery and mapping solutions for a variety of industries. Whether it's capturing stunning landscapes, conducting aerial surveys, or assisting in search and rescue operations, Robert's expertise ensures precise and reliable results.

Notable projects include the creation of detailed maps for the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce and the San Angelo Gun Club, showcasing his ability to tailor solutions to meet specific client needs.

With Robert Brooks and San Angelo Drone, you can trust that your aerial imaging needs are in capable hands. Contact us today to elevate your perspective and unlock new possibilities from above.